Clinical Pilates

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A Clinical Pilates programme promotes an increase in flexibility, muscle endurance, strength, balance and proprioception, creating a stronger body with a real sense of harmony and equilibrium. The technique also improves breathing which in turn increases energy levels, mental clarity and alertness. Tailor-made programmes are created for the individual utilising the specialised Pilates equipment which uses variable resistance to accommodate all body types.

Many issues and problems can be helped with Pilates. Sports specific and dance-evolved Pilates exercises help professional athletes to aid their recovery and remain injury free during the course of their training.

Pilates is a great tool for rehabilitation. It has particular success for back conditions, as there is a strong focus on segmental stability of the spine which helps bring control and strength to the injured area. Attention is also paid to general torso and core stability which means that the body has a chance to recover from its injured state and the muscular imbalances caused by the injury can then be addressed.