Natal Pilates

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A Body in Mind Pregnancy programme is especially designed for each individual, helping clients to cope with the changes of the body positively. We can help you create the strength the body needs for childbirth, labour and beyond.

Our programmes also help you learn useful breathing techniques and relaxation exercises to help ease tension. In pregnancy, there can be postural changes that lead to stress on the mechanics of the spine and shift of the pelvis. With the emphasis on strengthening and lengthening muscles, Pilates is a great way to support your pregnancy.

Using Pilates and a range of complementary techniques, the programmes include information regarding contraindications and anatomical changes during pregnancy and exercises addressing: breathing techniques, spinal stabilisation, posture and alignment.

If you are starting an exercise programme for the first time whilst pregnant, we recommend you book an Initial Assessment once you have had your 12-week assessment and been given the all-clear from your clinician to exercise. During that assessment, you will work with the instructor to discuss your needs, undertake a postural analysis and then discuss how to progress your programme with Body in Mind.

Whether it is your first or subsequent pregnancy, let the fully qualified instructors guide you through pregnancy-related exercises helping you adjust as your body does.

“Breathing is the first act of life, and the last.” Joseph H. Pilates