Initial Assessment

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We ask all clients to undertake an Initial Assessment when joining for the first time. This consultation is the perfect opportunity to discuss body history, the needs and goals of the client, and is where the teachers will conduct a postural assessment. A personalised exercise programme is then devised and clients work with their teacher developing those programmes on the specialised Pilates equipment.

Initial Assessments are usually up to 75minutes long (an hour of this is 1-1).

Regular Pilates studio sessions are an hour long and semi-private, where clients work with teachers on a maximum of a 1-3 ratio, although private sessions are available. This ensures that each client receives plenty of personal attention, detail and individual feedback. Each client’s improvement is monitored and programmes are constantly developed according to their progress and needs.

We lead sessions Monday morning through to Saturday afternoon. All sessions need to be pre-booked and are cheaper if paid for as a block.