Studio Equipment

Pilates is a contemporary and innovative approach to exercise; uniting the body and mind through a system of exercises, executed with awareness to improve both physical and mental wellbeing.

Joseph Pilates originally called his approach Contrology and developed the technique incorporating ideas from Eastern and Western philosophies and modern sports training techniques.

Pilates was a pioneer of exercise, constantly inventing new equipment and developing his technique for better results. Although over 90 years old, the technique continues to develop with dedicated Pilates contemporaries the world over, helping to ensure its continued relevance.

At Body in Mind Pilates, we create individual training programmes for clients on a comprehensive range of specialised Pilates equipment. Programmes address injury rehabilitation, postural issues and general physical goals to ensure an effective and long-lasting results for each client.

The method uses the Pilates fundamental principles of: Concentration, Control, Breathing, Centering, Fluidity, Precision & Relaxation, to exercise the whole body and accommodate all body types. As the exercises are gentle there is no age limit to starting a programme.

The Pilates studio equipment is multi-functional and most pieces use spring resistance to vary the challenge for each client. Joseph Pilates’s original inventions, revolutionary at the time, have been continually developed and updated to ensure Pilates remains at the forefront of exercise and rehabilitation practice. Each piece of studio equipment adjusts to suit everyone’s requirements.

Our Pilates studio equipment includes: Studio Revo Reformer, Cadillac/Reformer Combo, Studio Reformer Tower, Exo Wunda Chair, Tower Mat, Ladder & Arc Barrels and introducing the Pilates inspired CoreAlign, alongside lots of small equipment to compliment and personalise the practice.

  • The regular Studio Equipment sessions are conducted on a 1-1 or 1-3 basis and last for an hour.
  • Reformer/Tower classes are 1-3 and last 50 minutes.
  • Initial Assessments usually last for 75 minutes.

Call us on 01332 554551 to book an Initial Assessment or to discuss your individual needs.

advanced pilates stretch on studio equipment
One of our more advanced Pilates stretches on studio equipment.