Your Body in Mind Programme

At Body in Mind Pilates, we create individual training programmes for clients on a comprehensive range of specialised Pilates equipment. Programmes address injury rehabilitation, postural issues and general physical goals to ensure effective and long-lasting results for each client.

The method uses the Pilates fundamental principles of Concentration, Control, Breathing, Centering, Fluidity, Precision & Relaxation, to exercise the whole body and accommodate all body types. As the exercises are gentle there is no age limit to starting a programme.

The Pilates studio equipment is multi-functional and most pieces use spring resistance to vary the challenge for each client. Joseph Pilates’s original inventions, revolutionary at the time, have been continually developed and updated to ensure Pilates remains at the forefront of exercise and rehabilitation practice. Each piece of studio equipment adjusts to suit everyone’s requirements.

We walk you through what you need to know at our Initial Assessment stage.